The typical conception about snoring is that it is an unavoidable nuisance. People tend to think that it is mostly an involuntary action caused during sleeping. As such, there may not be any way to stop it by poor motivation. Well, this can be a mistaken thought process. If anyone would carefully observe, those, who snore usually start making the sound not much long after they go to sleep. The point being that, it is not so much of a deep sleep that you let go of the inhibitions and allow forceful expulsion of air by the nose. Unless you have a physical issue (such as a deviated septum) or a stuffy nose, you can hope to find a simple solution. Consider practising rhythmic breathing and look into your sleeping postures. Look up the following sections of this motivating post to help you deal with your problem.

Start with getting serious about it. More than often, people who snore respond with denial and disbelief when someone else points out the matter. Are you unaware of it, or are you hopeless about it? Don’t you think it is your responsibility to help your spouse to have a good night’s sleep? Why should anyone else suffer due to your problem? If you find it hard to believe that you snore, use a tape recorder in the night. Hear for yourself the severity of the problem. Once you recognize how gross it is, the drive to alleviate it should come automatically. Besides, your denial may stem from your laziness to tackle the issue. Weird though it may sound, many people tend to think it very macho to snore heavily. Well, the actual problem is rooted in such kind of thought processes. Deal with it by recognizing the sensitivity of the issue.

There have been plenty of times that snoring habits cause a permanent rift in otherwise cuddly relationships. The problem generally gets worse when the one who snores resigns to the pattern without trying to do anything about it. Chances are, if this continues, you would soon be sleeping all alone. Do you know that the solution can as well as be so simple as to use an anti-snoring nasal spray? Generally, a blocked nasal passage due to fat or mucus is the primary reason why the expelled air makes such a coarse noise. The snore sprays keep the nose open for smooth exhalation, making it easy for both partners to get a good night’s sleep. You may have a physical issue. Typically, a deviated septum obstructs the smooth passage of air. Check it out with a doctor. There would be prompt surgical remedies for the purpose.  

Overweight patients usually suffer from this problem. To think of it, snoring may be a harmless physical indicator urging you to take note of your bulging weight. Pay heed to your body and focus on shedding the extra calories. Motivate yourself with a desire to lead a fresh new life in a lean look.  Set up a long-term goal and refrain from keeping low cut expectations. Avoid radical techniques such as surgery and liposuction. These are only temporary and can have side effects. Instead, you should ideate on planning a tight schedule with proper diet and exercises. The key is to maintain a regular discipline. Apply simple methods such as using a smaller dish size in meals, replacing cocktails with fruit juices, and a low-fat diet.

As for motivated dieting, you ought to recognize that your obsession for food is veering more into greed than enjoying a nice meal. Do you eat your favourite food more than you need it to feel all filled? If it is so, slowly cut down on the amount you eat and stick to it regularly. The self-same laziness that keeps you from sweating it out at the gym is also preventing you against snoring. So, work on it with stern determination.  The results should show. If you are sincere, your partner would appreciate it as well. Support from family members is always a major factor in recovering from any problem, and snoring is definitely not an exception. As for physical exercises, doing it together is a great way to motivate each other and strive for the best with a healthy competitive mindset.        

Focus upon improving sleeping postures. Sleeping entirely on your back can cause the head to fall back. This may farther cause the tongue to obstruct the passage of air in the throat. So, try sleeping on your sides. It should help. Use elevated pillows to lift your head if sleeping straight is comfortable. Consider practicing yoga breathing techniques before you go to sleep. Meditation calms your mind and helps to make it a natural practice to breathe rhythmically.

Keep a good snore spray handy for additional relief. Tested quality products only require a singular use before going to sleep to have a pleasant night. Such anti-snoring nasal sprays are definitely better than nasal clips. They not only look weird but can be uncomfortable to wear as well. Besides, there is always the risk of these falling off when you are unconsciously shifting sides in bed. Nevertheless, it is always your personal choice as to what should work best.

Chronic snoring can lead to sleep apnea. It affects not only the person who snores but also the partner hopelessly enduring the ordeal. It is a serious issue where the mind gets sleep-starved. You wake up all of a sudden gasping for air and soaked in sweat. Patients also report nightmares and disturbing thoughts. It affects your nervous health making you jittery and irritated even when you are awake. Disruption of the natural resting patterns of the body over a period of time causes weakened immunity and a host of other problems. Doctors also relate it with an increased possibility of serious incidents such as stroke or cardiac arrest.


Therefore, do not neglect the urgency to stop snoring with your best efforts. When you are sincere in willingness, the positivity would surely show in your good health.


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