If you are a snorer and conscious about sharing room during vacation, this post will brief you about all the ways, snoring solutions, anti-snoring products to keep in mind while on vacation. These solutions will not just help you get peaceful sleep but will also help your companion have a peaceful time vacationing due to good adequate sleep. Read to know more.

A holiday is a perfect time to relax and increase the bond with family and friends. But often it becomes a matter of concern and worries if the person is a snorer. As per the research, around 31% of the snorer is extremely conscious about sharing a hotel room while being on the trip. While snoring is a concern which has been ignored by most of the people, it becomes a matter of worry when it keeps others awake on the trip.

With regards to the multiple anti-snoring products available in the market these days, knowing about the right ways to combat the snoring problem and the loud noise is imperative to make the trip successful and enjoyable for the snorer and others traveling together. Below are some of the steps one can follow to prevent the snoring issue to arise while on holidays:

  1. Follow some simple habits:

To reduce the snoring sound and let the room partner also have a good night sleep, follow these simple tips and habits which works well in eliminating the snoring problem.

  • Changing the sleeping position is the easiest way to work towards the snoring issue. While sleeping on the back makes the tongue and soft palate to relax and make the airway narrow causing vibrating sound, sleeping on the sideways helps prevent this.
  • Avoid alcohol or sedatives before going to bed as drinks relax the muscles and throat tissues which increases the risk of snoring. Cutting down on the cocktails will limit the relaxation of the muscles.
  • Make sure your nasal passage is open before hitting the bed. One of the good snore solutions is to have a hot water bath which opens the nasal passage which is blocked due to cold or any other blockage that triggers the snoring issue.
  • Often, enjoying the trip or being busy with the schedule on vacation, one tends to drink less water. Keeping yourself well hydrated helps in keeping the nasal secretions and soft palate soft and smooth preventing nose congestion.
  • Take help from Hotel room service:

If you are not aware, allergens are generally there on the pillow and they contribute majorly to the snoring problem. Hence, you can ask the hotel room service to change the pillow to use a fresh one. Also, elevating the level of the head also helps in easy breathing and prevents congestion. So, asking for an extra pillow is another way to treat snoring sound.

  • Know the type of snorer you are:

Knowing the type of snorer not just helps in knowing the severity of the issue but it also helps in choosing the right anti-snoring products to treat it. Below are the three types of snorer you might be:

  • Snoring due to congestion: If your nose is blocked due to some allergy or cold, snoring can be rectified by using an effective nasal spray like Asonor nasal spray. Just a few drops of insertion and it relieves the congestion avoiding the loud snoring sound to occur.
  • Habitual snoring: If one tends to sleep on the back and snore loudly, snoring likely occurs daily. In such cases, oral strips or throat spray helps.
  • Sleep Apnea issue: If you or your partner observes that you choke, gasp or there is a pause in breathing frequently while asleep, it is nothing but sleep apnea issue. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a common one in such cases and treating it with the ideal anti-snoring oral device is advisable.
  • Use of anti-snoring products:

Depending on the severity of the snoring problem, one can use the below snore solutions to treat the loud noise effective for a peaceful sleep.

  • Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) is a device which is worn while asleep. It helps in lowering the jaw and by pulling the tongue forward so that there is no collapsing in the airway passage avoid the vibrating sound. While some snore as their tongue drops to the back of the throat while sleeping. Therefore, this device is helpful for them.
  • CPAP machine is another device, a kind of mask which is worn over the nose and mouth at night. When the snoring sound occurs, the machine senses it and automatically increases the air pressure to counteract towards it prevent the pauses in breathing and causing snoring.
  • Asonor anti-snoring nasal spray is an effective, clinically proven and medically tested product which can also be used for effective treatment of snoring sound. Just a few drops of spray are pumped in for 4-5 times and one can have a relaxing sleep at night.
  • For people who snore due to congestion or allergy, using nasal strips work wonders. Similar to a bandage, one can apply it over the nose which helps in keeping the nasal pathway clear and open.  
  • If your breathing takes place through the mouth and not the nose, usage of the chin strap can help you reduce your snoring. While wearing the strap and sleeping, it helps to shut the mouth, forcing the snorer to breathe through the nose. Made of lightweight material and easy-to-use pattern, this product helps in blood circulation and reduction in snoring.
  • Mouthpiece kind of anti-snoring products is also an effective way to reduce snoring. Made of soft, latex material, the mouthpiece plays a double role in preventing snoring and teeth grinding too. While it becomes difficult to get used to such product in the start, once used to, it provides a major difference by offering good quality sleep for not just the snorer but the snorer’s partner too.

The above tips and ways will not just help in reducing snoring during the vacation but others too. Hence, keeping a check on the severity of the snoring problem without neglecting is the main concern to treat the health issue properly. Along with this, choosing the right anti-snoring aids which is comfortable for the respective snorer is another main thing in treating the sleeping issue effectively.


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