Most of us welcome the idea of going to sleep by snuggling up to our partner or spouse at night. However, when you or your bed partner are chronic or frequent snorers, that dream of a peaceful night’s sleep can quickly become a nightmare. Obviously, no one wants their relationship to get compromised in this way. That’s why individuals often ask how to stop snoring naturally or get recommendations for effective anti snore remedies, like Asonor anti-snoring solution.

What’s important to understand is that snoring is usually caused by a few internal body parts. Furthermore, the type and volume of snoring that you produce can change at different times during the night. When we sleep, the roof and walls of the mouth start to vibrate as we inhale and exhale. These vibrations are what generate the snoring noise that many of us are all too familiar with. Additionally, they can intensify as the throat narrows. The nasal passages, nostrils, and tongue, can contribute to our snoring.

Though it can be possible to ensure that snoring stops, it is important to know why you were snoring and then find the remedy that can address the cause. Whether it is a dairy allergy or obesity which is the cause of your snoring, you need to consider lifestyle changes to stop snoring.

What causes People to Snore?

Snoring results when our airflow through the mouth or nose is restricted while we sleep.  Long-term, loud snoring elevates the risk of heart attacks, hypertension, and strokes as well as other serious health problems.  Snoring can interrupt your sleep as well as that of your bed partner.  It can be indicative of a more serious health issue known as sleep apnea, a disorder that is characterized by intermittent pauses, in a person’s breathing while they sleep. Sleep apnea is a life-threatening ailment that needs medical intervention and proper treatment.

When you inhale and exhale, air is pushed through the mouth, nose, and throat.  If these airways become narrowed or restricted, the adenoids, soft palate, tongue, and tonsils vibrate against one another as air is forced through. Due to the narrow airways, the vibrations that result produce a rattling or rumbling noise commonly referred to as snoring.  There are several conditions and factors that can block one’s airflow and increase the risk of snoring:

  • alcohol and sedatives which restrict airflow by relaxing the nose and throat muscles
  • enlarged adenoids, tongue, tonsils
  • excess body fat that compresses the airway by putting pressure on the soft tissues of the nose and throat
  • low muscle tone or weakness in the throat, nose, and mouth
  • nasal congestion or inflammation caused by airborne irritants, allergies, colds, or flu
  • nasal inflammation caused by pregnancy hormones
  • reduced size of the airway resulting from structural differences in the throat, nose, and mouth

Thus, your reason for snoring can depend on a lot of different factors. The key consideration is finding out the specific reason you started snoring. You might want to visit the doctor to get the tests and bloodwork done, to understand the cause behind the snoring. Fortunately, you can learn how to stop snoring naturally with certain home snore remedies and lifestyle changes (see below).

Common Symptoms of Snoring

Snoring sounds vary from quiet whistling vibrations to loud grumbling, rumbling, or snorting. Some individuals may not know that they snore while sleeping. Those individuals who snore frequently often toss and turn throughout the night, have dry sore throats upon awakening, and feel tired throughout the day. Lack of proper sleep can cause difficulty concentrating or focusing, be irritable or moody, and suffer with frequent headaches.

In the more serious cases, individuals may gasp for air and suffer multiple breathing interruptions while they sleep.  These are the more common signs of a sleep-related disorder known as sleep apnea.  Not only does this hinder the quality of sleep a person gets and potentially lead to the aforementioned symptoms, it can also put someone at risk for developing health problems such as heart disease, hypertension, and strokes.  Learning how to stop snoring naturally and the use of snore remedies may help.

Home Remedies and Lifestyle Changes that can help

In some cases, snoring is caused by certain benign factors and is often treatable with relatively simple home remedies and smart lifestyle changes.  This includes:

  • Elevate the head of your bed – by raising the head of your bed a few inches, it will help keep your airway open and reduce your risk of snoring.
  • Get enough sleep – the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research recommends getting between 7 and 9 hours every night as sleep deprivation elevates the risk of snoring.
  • Limit your use of alcohol and sedatives – both of these relax the muscles of the throat and cause you to snore.
  • Lose excess weight – when you’re overweight, you may have excess throat tissue which might cause you to snore.
  • Sleeping on your side instead of your back – sleeping on your back is one of the more common causes of snoring.  This causes your tongue to fall backwards towards the back of your throat and partially block your airflow, causing you to snore.
  • Use a nasal dilator or nasal strips – placing these on the bridge of your nose will enable you to breathe easier by opening up the nasal passages, thereby eliminating or reducing the risk of snoring.

While the above lifestyle changes and remedies above can be effective for learning how to stop snoring naturally, one of the best snore remedies on the market today is Asonor Anti-snoring Solution. Visit our website or send an e-mail to [email protected] for more information. Our business representatives are available to answer your queries, and provide you with more information about our anti snoring product. Call us now.

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