Are you having issues with your sleep? Most people that snore, are not able to sleep properly. And to add to it, the bed partner suffers along with the snorer. Roughly 45% of all American adults snore every now and then, 25% snore on a regular basis to the point that it disturbs their bed partner’s sleep as well as their own.  So, what exactly is snoring and what typically causes it? Snoring is the harsh or hoarse sound that happens when air moves past your relaxed throat muscles and causes the tissues to vibrate when you breathe during sleep.  Granted, the majority of those who snore only do so occasionally.  But, for others it can be a chronic problem that carries many health-threatening consequences and warrants a snoring solution.

What do We Know About Snoring?

The truth of the matter is that men and women in all age groups snore and if you’re not the one who is doing it, it can be extremely annoying.  However, it can also be a sign of a more serious health problem.  Furthermore, clinical research has taught us some very interesting facts about snoring, including the 12 statistics we have listed below:

  • 30% of the 30+ age group snore and 40% of middle-aged individuals snore, yet men 70 years of age and older tend to snore less frequently.
  • 40% of all men snore on a regular basis while only 24% of all women do so.
  • 41% of all snorers aren’t aware that they are snoring.
  • 45% of all Americans snore occasionally, 25% snore regularly, and roughly 10% of all children snore, 5.6% of which do so regularly.
  • 50% of snorers also have sleep apnea.
  • 70% to 95% of individuals with OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) are regular snorers.
  • 95% of all snorers claimed that oral appliances eased their snoring problem.
  • Pregnancy is a common cause of snoring in women who weren’t snoring before they got pregnant.
  • Regular snorers diagnosed with sleep apnea are at risk for atrial fibrillation, heart attack, hypertension (high blood pressure), stroke, and Type II Diabetes.
  • Snoring is the 3rd leading cause of divorce in the US.
  • The primary side effects of snoring are difficulty concentrating and daytime fatigue.
  • Women who snore tend to be shorter and weigh more than non-snoring women.

The more serious snoring is, the more it poses a health threat to the individual.  If you suspect you have a chronic snoring problem or your partner tells you that your snoring is continually disturbing their sleep, you should see a doctor immediately.  He or she may know several ways for you to get snoring relief and can refer you a sleep specialist who can prescribe and effective snoring solution. If you have tried Over the Counter medicines for your snoring but have yet not got relief, it is time to consider Asonor anti snoring nasal drops. 

5 Key Facts to know about Snoring

Roughly 37 million American adults are habitual snorers.  It not only affects the person that snores but the bed partner is equally affected with the noise all night long. Thus, the health difficulties, and loss of productivity is a serious concern. Additionally, more men snore than women.  According to the National Sleep Foundation:

  • The 4 “A’s” – aging, alcohol, allergies, and anatomy – all play a significant role where snoring is concerned.
  • Certain lifestyle changes can minimize or even prevent snoring.
  • The primary cause of snoring is a restricted airway.
  • Snoring is more common than what most people think.
  • Snoring may be an indication or symptom of an even more serious medical condition or sleep disorder.

Contrary to popular belief or opinion, snoring is NOT normal and should be evaluated by your physician or somnologist (one who specializes in researching and treating sleep disorders).  Additionally, snoring can diminish the quality of your life as well as that of your marriage or relationship. Thus, if you find that your health and relationship are going downhill, it is time to take concrete measures. You can always try and see the effectiveness of anti-snoring nasal drops. It helps to smooth out the throat muscles, helping you reduce or stop snoring. 

Home Remedies for Snoring

When it comes to snoring and snoring relief, there are two ways you can deal with the problem.  In the more extreme cases, we recommend that you see your doctor or a specialist to diagnose the problem and suggest some possible solutions for snoring.  However, you might want to try the following home remedies and lifestyle changes first before seeking medical advice and diagnosis:

  • avoid alcohol and sedatives
  • change your sleep position
  • drink more water
  • elevate your head while sleeping
  • get plenty of sleep
  • look at your diet and reduce the number of inflammatory foods that you consume
  • lose weight
  • purchase a humidifier
  • quit smoking (if applicable)
  • try opening up your airway with a facial steam bowl or Neti pot.

Try each one of these home anti snoring remedies until you get some snoring relief.  Instead of getting trapped in an endless stream of different snoring remedies, start a sleep diary and track your sleeping patterns.  This information will come in handy if none of the above remedies work and you have no choice other than seeking medical attention.

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