Being a loud snorer or being with someone who snores, can be quite distracting when you are trying to sleep. Snoring is a pretty common problem in the world, so not everyone worries too much about it. However, it is something you should check out because it can be a symptom of some other serious problem.

Snoring is normally caused when the muscles in your throat relax and collapse when you are asleep. This ends up narrowing your airway because of which you start to snore. There are many causes and reasons for it. So, why do people snore? It can be due to these causes:

What Causes Snoring

Sleep apnea

This is a problem that a lot of people face. Sleep apnea is the problem where you stop breathing for seconds when you are asleep. While you might not be aware of this when you are asleep, it can have a lot of problems in your health and life such as fatigue, heart problems, irritability and more.

Genetic or physical problems

Sometimes it can be due to your physical attributes such as a deviated septum. This will obstruct your nasal airway and can be one of the reasons for you snoring. A genetic problem such as extra throat tissues can also be the reason for snoring because it will vibrate every time you breathe.


Like extra throat tissue, those who are obese or pregnant has extra layers on the throat which can lead to snoring.


Consumption of alcohol helps to relax the muscles a lot more than normal which can lead to heavy snoring as well. The same goes for some medications such as sleeping pills and more.


Having allergies and congestion can obstruct your nasal airway which can lead you to breathe through the nose when you are asleep and ultimately snore.

These are some of the reasons why do people snore. If any of these causes apply to you, you can easily work towards changing your lifestyle and kicking out the habit!


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