Snoring is something which bothers everyone; to that person who snores and the person who sleep beside that snoring one.

reduce a snoring problem

Although snoring is not a disease, but the mild or moderate snoring at a high level can create severe health issues, such as; long interruption in breathing (for more than 10 seconds).

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can avoid snoring. Doing exercise consistently can prevent snoring.

There are various methods, to prevent one from getting disturbed by snoring, among which there is wearing earplugs. Other than that, one can prevent snoring by doing various exercises such as for; tongue, jaws, and in fact singing (facial muscles) can help too.

Tongue; the main culprit behind many people’s snoring problems, the reason is that it can fall backward during sleep and block the airway at the back of the throat. By strengthening the tongue, one can help eliminate this problem.

To help in stop the snoring or at least reduce the level of snoring one can do many different jaw exercises.One of the easiest exercises is a simple chewing exercise, where you pretend that you are chewing on a piece of gum.

Believe it or not, singing is one of the best exercises to stop snoring that you can do. Try to practice singing in the shower or the car (mind the road) if you are worried about people hearing you, and this will quickly help to strengthen all of the above: your throat, jaw, and tongue! And it lifts up your spirits, too!

Other than the regular exercise one can use Asonor.

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