Do you get chest pain while waking up in the morning? Do you suffer from restless sleep and morning headaches? If yes, then these can be symptoms of snoring. Snoring normally happens when an individual is not able to take air through throat and mouth during sleep. This causes the vibration of tissue which thereafter produces a very irritating sound.

There can be several reasons for snoring problem such as being overweight, hypothyroidism, consuming medication, alcohol or tobacco within 6 hours of sleep and many more like this. It is important to cure this problem in the early stage; otherwise it has several side effects. Below mentioned is the list of side effects of snoring

  • Headache — This is the most common problem that a snorer suffers from. Mostly when you wake up in the morning for starting your day, you find morning headache and this is due to restless sleep and snoring.
  • Mental Health issues — Because of restless sleep, people start getting irritated and due to this they suffered many mental health issues. For being good state of mind, it is important to have peaceful sleep. Our mind needs rest and that is only achieved by proper sleep.
  • Stroke — Snoring can be a risk factor for stroke. This is because it may be caused by sleep apnea, and sleep apnea reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain. It leads to high blood pressure that is a known risk factor for stroke. And it is a fact that nearly 40 percent of strokes happen while patients are sleeping or within an hour of their waking. Doctors are beginning to suspect a very strong link between severe snoring and stroke.
  • Arrhythmias – Apnea may affect the conductive system of the heart. People with long-term snoring or sleep apnea risk developing an irregular heart rhythm, or arrhythmia.

To prevent yourself from snoring, it is advisable to avoid alcohol, smoking and tobacco products. Also, regular exercise is a proven solution for snoring. Try to use anti-snoring products such as Asonor and keep your room moist to avoid snoring.


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