Snoring is caused by the obstruction of the air passage between your nasal and throat cavity. The obstruction causes a lack of oxygen in the body, causing it to work harder to breathe in oxygen. This breathing process causes more significant vibrations in the throat and nasal cavity, causing the individual to snore. Though snoring can be embarrassing, there are several biological causes to it. It is crucial to cure as it is a sign of something going amiss in the body. Here are some of the most important causes of snoring and their treatment.

Maintain a Proper Sleeping Posture

It is crucial to maintain a proper sleeping posture to avoid snoring. Many people snore while they sleep on their back because their tongue obstructs their throat’s air path. Snoring thus emerges due to the tongue’s ability to fall backward and partially block airflow in this posture. Therefore, it would be best to sleep on your side for an unobstructed air passage. Studies reveal a side posture while sleeping can remarkably help reduce snoring.

Keeping the head four inches higher than the body’s level is invariably better to avoid snoring. People snore because their head falls lower than their body, causing the air channel to bend. This posture obstructs the air channel from your nose to your throat and can significantly cause snoring. It would be best to use slightly raised pillows to ensure your head is higher than your body’s level. You can also use an anti-snore pillow to cure snoring as they help realign your neck position while you sleep. Such cushions ensure your head and throat is in proper alignment to avoid obstruction.

Get Rid Of Nasal Obstruction

People with coughs and colds tend to snore. The mucus in the nasal cavity and your throat can obstruct the air passage. Some might even snore because of nasal congestion or inflammations owing to any allergic reaction. It would be best to use nose strips or antihistamines to avoid nasal congestions. These aid in removing mucus and other inflammations from the nasal cavity, which is essential in the treatment of snoring. You can also carry nasal sprays to clear the passage. Nasal sprays can be used a few minutes before going to bed. These sprays help in thinning the mucus and thereby reducing nasal obstructions.

Reduce Consumption Of Alcohol

Apart from several other disadvantages, alcohol consumption can be a prevalent cause of snoring. Alcohol causes the muscles in your body to relax, including that of your brain and throat. The air passage is constricted as the muscles relax, creating a blockage. Such a situation can also be risky if you fail to correct your sleeping posture in time. Most people snore after alcohol consumption because of an obstructed air passage.

Thus, it would be best to avoid alcohol consumption to have a better and healthier life. If you drink occasionally, you must avoid doing so close to your bedtime to prevent your throat muscles from relaxing while asleep. The same is the case for depressants or sedatives. While people suffering from health conditions like insomnia are often prescribed sedatives, they follow the exact mechanism as alcohol and cause snoring. Thus, it would be best to fix your lifestyle and sleep schedule instead of opting for such drugs. However, if these are necessary, make sure you consume them in minute portions and under the supervision of a health expert.

Reduce Obesity

Obesity can be one of the most prevalent causes of snoring. The fat deposition in the neck tissues can obstruct your throat cavity and lead to a partial air passage, which in turn causes snoring. It is crucial to reduce the total fat deposition in your body by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.


While it is difficult to generalize that older people snore alone, the chances of snoring increase with age. This is because body muscles and those near the throat become saggy and obstruct the air passage. Studies claim that women post-menopause experience greater chances of snoring because of the lack of estrogen in their bodies. Estrogen is a hormone that helps keep muscles toned, and thus, the lack of it can cause snoring. Furthermore, medication might impact snoring and increase it. Most aged individuals require a higher dosage of sedative that has an additional effect on snoring. There is no specific way of curing snoring amongst the aged. However, you can reduce their medicines and shift to herbal treatments and alternatives. Make sure you consult a specialist before making such a switch.



Pregnant women have a higher chance of snoring because of several reasons. Firstly, the amount of blood and its pressure circulating in the body is higher than otherwise. This results in swollen blood vessels in the body that can clog their nasal cavity. Additionally, pregnancy can cause weight gain, which in turn can be a cause of snoring. The only way to prevent snoring during pregnancy is by introducing healthy lifestyle changes. For instance, eating healthy food, practicing deep breathing, etc.


There are several devices and treatments to cure snoring. However, the ones mentioned above are the most important ways to combat it. Remember, bringing positive lifestyle changes can reduce your chances of snoring and help you lead a healthier life. Following these would help you cure snoring and sleep peacefully without disturbing others. Beware, it is crucial to check your snoring patterns in time as they might increase later and cause sleep apnea conditions. These can be dangerous for your health and, at times, fatal. Avail the benefits of Asonor in the meantime and get a good night’s sleep.

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