We all have habits, some good and some bad. One of these bad habits that some people have is snoring. Such people often become a target of mockery, as their sleeping partners joke about how loud they snore and disturb their sleep. Sometimes it isn’t about joking but the matter becomes serious when snoring starts putting straining their relationship. The question here arises that why do people snore and what can be done to get rid of this annoying habit.

Why Do We Snore?

Snoring is related to the way we breathe while sleeping. When the soft tissues in our neck relax a bit more than normal, they tend to start narrowing down our breathing passage. When we breathe under such circumstances, our airway vibrates and that vibratory sound is termed snoring. Large tonsils, a deviated septum, an enlarged uvula and nasal congestion can narrow down the breathing passage and lead to snoring. There are also many other reasons why do people snore, which are discussed in detail below.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring is often made fun of but that isn’t something that a person does on purpose. Everyone snores once in a while but for some, it is a regular phenomenon. Snoring can be harmless on one hand and can be a sign of a serious underlying disease on the other. Therefore, people should be careful and observant of this habit of theirs. Let us now discuss the causes of snoring in detail.

Alcohol and Sedatives

After consuming alcohol or when under the influence of certain sedative medicines, people are more susceptible to snore. This is simply because when we consume these substances, they end up making our throat tissues and muscles too relaxed. We don’t have control over these tissues and airway, so we end up snoring hard when sleeping. This is why people are advised not to consume alcohol or sedative medicines before going to bed. Those who snore and wonder why do we snore can try out this simple remedy.


There is no exact explanation of this particular cause but it is believed that smoking is also one of the culprits when it comes to snoring. It is said that those who smoke are more likely to snore because of oedema and inflammation in their upper airway. This is another reason that can motivate smokers to quit smoking and lead a healthy life.

Chronic Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion can be a result of some allergy or infection, a dry air environment or a deviated septum. You must have noticed that your partner never snores but only when he/she has a stuffy nose during sleep. Snoring becomes persistent with chronic nasal congestion, which reduces the airflow and obstructs the same in the airway. If you don’t take the required measures to get rid of your nasal congestion on time, your once in a while snoring can turn into habitual snoring.


Obesity is another reason responsible for why do we snore, as the extra tissue around the neck in overweight people increases their susceptibility to snoring. Even shedding a few of those extra pounds can help reduce snoring frequency in obese people. Therefore, if you or some of your known is tired of snoring and are overweight can make efforts to lose weight. Shedding extra kilos can help you with snoring and bring about a lot of other benefits as well.


When our thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone, the condition is termed hypothyroidism. It has many symptoms, including weight gain, constipation, dry skin, fatigue, puffy face, muscle weakness and hoarseness. The side effects of this condition many a time result in snoring, which is renowned for disturbing sleep. Therefore, those suffering from hypothyroidism should try to take control of it as soon as possible. By doing so, they can prevent themselves and their sleeping partners from this annoying night-time occurrence.

Sleeping Position

This reason can be the possible cause of your snoring if it is not chronic. The way we sleep also determines whether we would snore or not. The sleeping position that we choose has a lot to do with our breathing and, eventually, snoring. If our sleeping position tends to cause some sort of obstruction in the airway, it would make us snore during the night. There are some sleeping positions, including sleeping on the side, to keep snoring at bay. Similarly, there are sleeping positions that are known to make snoring worse. For example, when we sleep on our back, our tonsils, palate and tongue pulls back and narrows the airway. It causes a kind of turbulence and vibration in the airway that is heard as snoring by others. So sleeping cautiously can help one reduce the intensity of snoring and improve their sleep and that of the others.

When to Seek Medical Help

Causes of why do people snore and the easy solutions discussed above prove effective and helpful in the majority of the cases. However, there are times when snoring doesn’t tend to go away easily and requires medical intervention. You can seek medical help if you have a loud and bothersome snoring pattern that occurs three or more times a week. Those who snore with gasping, choking and snorting sounds should also get themselves checked.

Snoring not only leaves a bad effect on the sleep of others but also on the mental and physical health of those who snore. They feel lethargic and experience bouts of daytime drowsiness. They often wake up with congestion and morning headaches, which make them dull and tired for the day. All these problems altogether lead to high blood pressure, lack of focus and poor concentration in people. Because of disturbed sleep and frequent urination at night, those who snore don’t wake up fresh. If these instances start occurring regularly despite trying out several home remedies and lifestyle changes, then people should seek immediate and reliable medical intervention.

Snoring is annoying and disturbing for both the sleeping partners and those who snore. There are several remedies and medical help for keeping this condition at bay.

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