Believe it or not, snoring is more than a bedtime nuisance! It is a serious problem. Though, everyone snores now and then; it’s the habitual nightly sonorities that are a cause for concern. Apart from affecting the quality of life, causing erratic sleep, triggering listlessness and fraying relationships, the loud rumblings from the bedroom may be a warning sign of life-threatening health issues.

Instead of kicking your snoring partner out of the room or spending sleepless nights nudging to subside the ear-shattering roars, try some anti-snoring remedies to deal with the heavy breathing of your loved one.

Sleep on Your Side:

Change your sleep position

The right sleeping posture may alleviate the rasping sound to a large extent. Snorers should try sleeping on their side instead of their back to quieten the breathing abnormality. Experts theorize that muscles of the throat become limp when lying on the back which hampers normal air flow and worsens the problem of snoring.

Firm Pillows:

Firm Pillows

Sleeping on firm pillows that ensure elevation of the head is another effective remedy to eliminate snoring. A raised position of the head during shut-eye prevents the tongue from slipping backwards and squashing airways. It helps in cutting the magnitude of the snorting sound.

Skip the Nightcap:

Avoid Alcohol

Another solution for snoring cessation is avoiding consumption of liquor at least two hours before retiring to bed. The adult beverage reportedly relaxes the throat tissues and impairs airflow that results in fitful sleep and snoring.



If nasal and throat congestion trigger snoring, sleeping in a room with dry air will aggravate the condition. A humidified environment keeps the respiratory system from drying out which makes breathing easier.


Exercise & Yoga

This popular yoga exercise helps in mastering the art of taking deep, slow, breaths. The proper breathing technique is not only relaxing but improves lung capacity and removes throat constrictions. Pranayama is known to be quite beneficial in decreasing the symptoms of heavy breathing and is touted as a valuable anti-snoring remedy.

Hot Shower:

HOt Shower

If a chronic nasal congestion is a culprit for your snoring woes, the problem can be curbed by taking a hot shower at night. Inhaling the vapour unclogs sinuses, clears nasal clogging and prevents snoring.

Nasal spray:

Asonor Nasal Spray Bottle_200x265

Nasal sprays also show promise in getting rid of the nocturnal booming disorder. The ingredients of the spray constrict the muscles of the mouth, such that the airways remain uninterrupted. Moreover, the spray lubricates the tissue of the throat that is effective in curtailing vibrations and controlling the grating sound.

Apart from adopting these simple solutions and making a few lifestyle changes, people experiment with gadgets like nasal dilator, mouth guards, pills and potions to shake off their snoring. Some even contemplate taking the surgical route to arrest the snorting echoes to enjoy decent night slumber.

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