Snoring is a very big concern but you are not alone suffering from this issue. Many people across the globe snore and don’t even know that they do. However, their family and sleeping partners are the ones who have to deal with their problem of snoring night after another.

Thankfully, we have several treatments and remedies for snoring. You can choose a snoring remedy depending on the intensity and duration of your noisy night problem. Also, you can swear by some of these natural yet effective remedies and lifestyle changes to get rid of this problem:

Shed those Extra Kilos

Shedding extra weight off your body is anyways good, whether you have a snoring issue or not. Those who are overweight are more susceptible to developing this issue, as the extra fat accumulated around their neck tends to put more pressure on the airways. Also, the extra fat narrows down the airways and cause the problem of snoring. Therefore, losing even some of those extra kilos can be the best snoring remedy for you.

Change in Sleeping Position

Yes, your sleeping position can also be the reason behind your every night snoring problem. Not you but your sleeping partner can ascertain this problem for you. They can pretty well notice how you snore more while sleeping on a particular side or position some nights. Once you get to know that particular problematic sleeping position, you can avoid sleeping in it for keeping snoring at bay.


Exercising regularly can help your body and health in tremendous ways. It can help you lose weight and keep your weight-related snoring issues at bay. Even if you don’t lose weight with your regular exercise, you can still reap other benefits. Regular exercise, which could be just plain walking, can help keep your entire body muscles in good shape. You can also invest some time doing special mouth and throat exercises to get rid of the problem at the earliest.

These exercises aim at strengthening weak tongue and throat muscles, which are the main culprits of snoring. The easiest yet most effective throat exercise is to sing every day, which would help tighten your throat muscles. You can also try placing the tip of your tongue behind the top of your teeth and then slide it back and forth. Keep doing these simple exercises every day to see a positive change in your snoring.

Examine your Diet

Out of the many factors responsible for making us snore, our diet is a prominent one. Certain food items are known for making our nose and throat tissues inflamed. You got to find such items and reduce their consumption or you can straightaway avoid them. On the other hand, you got to find out things that are good for you and can help keep out snoring from your night schedule. Don’t go by what suits others but just stick to your body type.

Avoid Alcohol before Going to Bed

As mentioned earlier, our loose and relaxed nose and throat tissues and muscles cause us to snore. When someone consumes alcohol, it causes their muscles and throat tissues to over relax and loosen up. As a result, they snore and have poor sleep quality. The same goes for the consumption of certain other drugs like sedatives, which negatively impact sleep quality. Therefore, one should have these in moderation and should avoid consuming them before going to bed.

Inhale some Steam

Steam inhalation can be another easy yet reliable remedy for snoring. If you start inhaling steam before going to bed every night, it would help keep your airways open. If not every day, then make it a habit to inhale steam whenever your nose is stuffy and you are going through some cold or allergy attack. You can use a hot water bowl, a steamer or even a hot shower in the bathroom can clear your airways.

Head Elevation is the Key

If you have already tried switching sleeping position to get rid of snoring but to no avail, then it is probably time to try this out. You are supposed to keep your head elevated while sleeping to see a magical difference in your snoring. You can buy a mattress that comes with this elevation feature or can simply start using an extra pillow to provide the required elevation to your neck and head. An elevated head position would help ease breathing and open up your airways.

Get Ample Sleep

We have heard that snoring leads to poor sleep quality but lack of sleep also increases the snoring problem. Sometimes over exhaustion is the only cause of snoring. Therefore, you must ensure taking a good and sound sleep each day. Quality sleep shouldn’t come through sleeping pills but naturally. If you have some sleeping difficulties, try turning to natural remedies and not sedatives and pills.

Stay Well Hydrated

The well hydrated you are, the less likely you are to snore. Therefore, keeping yourself well hydrated is the best snoring remedy that you must try. You can continue sipping different types of healthy fluids during the day. However, avoid consuming them in large quantities before bedtime, as it can disrupt your sleep. The more fluid you will drink before bedtime, the more round you would be making to the bathroom the entire night.

Try Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has profound therapeutic benefits, including keeping snoring at bay. These therapies are all about the use of aromatic essential oils that let us feel light and positive. They enhance our mood and open up our airways by restricting inflammation caused by several allergies and sickness. You can start with a few drops of eucalyptus oil by gently rubbing it inside your nose. You can follow this procedure with steam inhalation for a better experience. You can try out some other essential oils also, whichever you find pleasing to your senses.

With these simple tips and natural remedies, you can decrease or even eliminate your snoring issue at home or without undergoing any treatment or surgical procedure.

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