Snoring has become a common part of the sleeping habit for many. Often, people consider snoring as a part without much thinking about the snoring problems, why do we snore and what are the best solutions for snoring. Before you take snoring as a casual thing, this article will tell you everything about why do we snore, the snoring problems and even the best snoring remedy.

Why Do We Snore?

When we sleep, our neck and throat muscles relax and for some people, it relaxes way too much, narrowing the pathway and leaving not enough space for the oxygen to pass. As the body needs the required oxygen during sleep too, the brain sends signals to get enough oxygen. This is when the throat tissues surrounding the opening are pressurized and it creates a vibrating sound like noise called as snoring.

The narrowing can also occur in nose, mouth or throat. The nose acts as a humidifier and even a filter for the air we breathe. Generally, the body tries to breathe through the nose and during situations where it is uncomfortable to do via the nose, the pressure is created. As we have a normal nasal cycle, when the blood vessels present in the turbinate inside the nose increases, the turbinate swells up and hence, the air flow decreases. Similarly, the vice versa happens when the turbinate becomes small. This is the process of the snoring problem.

The narrow pathway is not the only reason for the snoring problems to occur. Other reasons, which lead to snoring problems, are enlarged tonsils or tongue, obesity or excess flesh around the neck, alcohol consumption, smoking habit and even the particular structure of the nose and the jaw.

The Snoring Problems

For those who feel snoring is a normal casual habit of sleeping, it is definitely a fable and you must clarify your thought process as to the different health issues the snoring problem brings with it. Other than the disturbed sleep experienced by the partner of the snorer, the snoring problems lead to many serious health concerns.

Problems like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, disturbed sleep, daytime sleepiness experience, heart problems, irritation, and frustration seeing in the mood, difficulty in concentrating into the work and the nasal congestion are some of the major issues seen with the one suffering from snoring problems. These symptoms if seen in you shouldn’t be taken lightly but one must work towards the best snoring remedies in order to find the most suitable solutions for snoring as per your body.

Solutions for Snoring

There are a number of solutions for snoring but it all depends on how adaptive you are to changing lifestyle to bring the fruitful changes towards the snoring problems. There are some who wants instant results and are ready to pay for the nasal strips, dilators, or even go for surgeries depending upon how acute your snoring problem is.

There are some simple solutions, which are as simple as changing pillow as the right solution for snoring. If you are on medicine regularly, there are times that some medicines also relax the muscle, which narrows the passageway and creates the snoring problem. In such cases, it is better to check with your general physician about your medicine if they are the reason for the breathing issue while sleeping as the right solutions for snoring.

There are other best snoring remedies too, which will combat you from the snoring problems. If you are the one who has tried all means and blown a lot of money on anti-snore devices but failed with effective results, then you should try these simple solutions for snoring and see the changes gradually.

Best Snoring Remedies

Finding the spot-on best snoring remedy out of the pool of remedies being flooded on the Internet for snoring problems is not just tough but too difficult to trust too. Hence, here are some of the effective remedies or you can say the best snoring remedies which will show you result with little efforts only.

  1. Sleep on the side, not on the back: Sleeping on your back causes the tongue to move towards the back of the throat, which blocks the passageway and restricts the airflow creating snoring problems. Hence, sideway sleeping is the right solution for snoring.
  2. Lose weight, don’t be overweight: If you are overweight or you have enough fatty flesh around your neck, it’s time to hit the gym or switch to some physical exercise to shed those fatty tissues. These fatty tissues around the opening narrow the passageway and block the airflow to flow freely creating snoring problems.
  3. Choose the right pillow, raise your head: By raising the head to three to four inches, will keep your body in a position which will make the pathway free for the air to flow smoothly.
  4. No to alcohol before bed, limit it: Two hours before bedtime, try to avoid consuming alcohol and see the change. This is like the best snoring remedy for people who take alcohol regularly.
  5. No to smoking, quit it: As much as you know smoking is unhealthy, it is one of the reasons for snoring problems. Hence, the best snoring remedy is to quit smoking.
  6. Treat allergies, take medicines to cure it: There are some chronic allergies, which reduces the airflow and triggers the snoring problems. Hence, the right solution for snoring is to get it treated with your doctor and improvise your condition.
  7. Structural nose problem, correct it: There are some who have structural deviated septum from childhood. The misalignment of the wall inside the nose blocks the airflow and hence, leads to snoring problems. In order to find the best snoring remedy for the same, surgery is the ideal option as the lifetime solution for snoring.

Snoring problem not just disrupts the partner’s sleep but also indicates health issues and hence, immediate solutions for snoring needs to be found out. Trying the above changes will not just help yourself but it will relief your partner to have a peaceful sleep too.

If you and your partner are tired of your snoring problem, this is a must read post for you to know everything about the cause of snoring, the problem it creates in your body and the best snoring remedy you can adapt too. Adapt the simple changes and see the huge positive difference it creates.


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