Stop Snoring

Anti snoring products available on the market can only help as long as you take certain initiatives from your own end. There is no miraculous recovery from this chronic illness unless and until you take it seriously.

Snoring products as they are known commonly, come in different varieties. From mouthpieces or mouth guards to nasal sprays and chin straps to CPAP machines, options are plenty. Which one you require is not entirely up to you to decide but a professional sleep consultant or a doctor who will determine the best course of treatment only after thorough sleep assessment.

What is OSA?
The first step involved in such an assessment is to figure out whether you have Obstructive Sleep Apnea. If you are found to have OSA, you may be asked to make drastic lifestyle changes followed by a scheduled treatment.

If the assessment reveals that your snoring is arising out of a nasal congestion or a minor defect like a deviated septum, then surgical means may be warranted and that will probably solve the problem of snoring for you.

Alternative forms of snoring treatment
Considering that surgical methods are not required for most people, the following changes in your everyday lifestyle might help a great deal to mitigate this menace.
1. Quit smoking and consuming alcohol
2. Include exercise in your everyday routine
3. Stop self-medication using sleeping pills, muscle relaxants, etc.
4. Maintain a balanced diet
5. Do not over stress your body during work

Anti snoring products and their usage
1. Snore Guard: for those who respire through their mouths, a snore guard promotes breathing through the nose by effectively blocking the mouth.
2. Nasal Strips: Most commonly used by people suffering from nasal congestion arising from cold and cough. Although it is not recommended for patients suffering from OSA.
3. Dilators: Surgical steel device that supports the nasal cavity from collapsing during inhalation. It fits deeply into the nose and hence named ‘dilator.’
4. Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD): This device goes into your mouth and keeps the tongue steady all night long. For those who breathe with their mouth open, the tongue falls back onto the air passage thereby blocking the path. With an MAD, the tongue is restricted to its natural position so the oxygen can easily pass through.
5. CPAP machines & chin straps: These two go hand-in-hand. This is because a CPAP machine uses a mask that supplies oxygen directly through the nose and to the throat muscles. Meanwhile, a chin strap ensures that your jaw is steady. This way you are restricted from opening your mouth to breathe during your sleep.

While these methods are all solid and practical, nasal sprays are far easier and a viable option for many snorers on a day-to-day basis. It helps to open up the narrow throat muscles but does not make them relaxed. Even though, a nasal spray is not an alternative to other methods, it is best for quick results and hence, everyone’s top choice.


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