Are you constantly waking up tired with a sore throat? Does it seem like your partner or spouse is always angry or upset with you? Maybe you have a snoring problem and need to pursue a solution for it. Read this blog and know How Anti-Snore Remedies Help to Prevent Snoring.

Snoring is the noisy breathing that occurs when you’re sleeping.  As one of the 45% of American adults that snore on an occasional basis, you could be snoring so loudly that you’ve become the brunt of jokes and embarrassing moments at family get-togethers.

Unfortunately, snoring is no joke and could be an indication of a much more serious problem that requires the use of anti-snore remedies or anti snore sprays.  While it is common among many adults today and perceived as harmless, you should consider seeking medical attention from a specialist. 

The condition often affects people after they’ve had a few beers when they’ve eaten something, they normally don’t eat, or during a cold. There have been studies wherein consuming high dairy content products leads to an increase in mucus formation which in turn causes nasal blockages, leading to excessive snoring.  Worst of all, snoring conditions can cause problems in your marriage or relationships.

What causes You to snore?

Snoring is a relatively common condition that can affect anybody.  However, it happens more frequently in men and individuals who are overweight.  Furthermore, snoring gets worse as you age. 

Although it isn’t serious if it only happens occasionally, it can be a nuisance for the person you sleep with.  But when you’re a chronic snorer, you not only disrupt your partner’s or spouse’s sleep, you hurt the quality of your sleep as well.  So, it may be time to try one of the snoring remedies that are available on the market. After all, you do need a good night’s sleep, every night.

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When the airflow through your mouth and nostrils gets blocked, you snore.

There are several issues that can interfere with your breathing and airflow:

  • Blocked nasal airways caused by allergies, colds, a deviated septum, nasal polyps, or sinus infections
  • Bulky throat tissue, enlarged adenoids, or large tonsils
  • Drinking alcohol and taking muscle relaxers
  • Overconsumption of dairy products are known to increase mucus production.
  • Long soft palate or uvula
  • Poor muscle tone in the throat or tongue
  • Sleep deprivation (causes the throat muscles to relax too much)
  • Sleeping on your back or using a pillow that’s too soft or large

If your partner has been complaining about your snoring, seeing a doctor is your best option as they will want to discuss your symptoms with both of you.  They will also want to discuss your medical history and examine you for things that could be blocking your airways such as:

  • chronic nasal congestion attributed to rhinitis or sinusitis
  • a deviated septum
  • swollen tonsils

They may want to do some tests as well such as imaging tests (e.g. CT scan, MRI, or X-rays), or conduct a sleep study before prescribing any anti-snore remedies. However, over-the-counter medications or anti snoring products are safe to you to resolve the issues.

One such product is the anti-snoring nasal drop by Asonor. However, there are other products such as nasal strips, chin straps, mouth guards, and a variety of different devices that may have helped some people get relief. However, each individual has their own reason to snore and that is why it is important to get that diagnosed.

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Home Remedies to try

Neurophysiologists often caution you to check with your doctor before self-treating yourself with OTC pills and sprays.  Instead, they may recommend trying the following lifestyle changes and natural snore remedies:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol and taking sedatives (see snoring causes above).
  • Avoid getting overtired and practice proper sleep hygiene.
  • Change your pillows every 6 months to reduce the amount of exposure to allergens.
  • If you’ve been sleeping on your back, change your position.
  • If you’ve started snoring after a recent weight gain, change your dietary habits and lose the weight you’ve gained.
  • Keeping your nasal passages open might help the problem, especially if your snoring starts in your nose.
  • Most importantly, make sure you drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated.

These simple lifestyle changes are not only cheap, but they can also be extremely effective when it comes to reducing snoring.

How does Asonor anti-Snoring Solution work?

If congestion or vibrations in your nasal passageway is your snoring cause, using Asonor anti-Snoring Solution can be an effective solution. The spray is especially to target the nasal, oral, and throat cavities by lubricating your airway and numbing it.  Lubricating the nasal passageway with our spray solution improves your breathing almost immediately and relieves your snoring issues. 

Here is how Asonorsnore remedies work and provide snorers with the relief they need:

  • The active ingredients tighten the throat muscles which help to clear your airway so it stays open while you sleep and reduces soft tissue vibrations.
  • The nasal spray helps to alleviate swelling in the mouth and throat by soothing any inflammation that occurs.
  • By lubricating the back of the throat, Asonor anti-Snoring Solution prevents tissue movement and vibration thereby eliminating the snoring symptoms that occur in the back of the throat, mouth, and nose.
  • Another key feature is the ability of the spray to clear sinus congestion, drain mucus build-up, and open any blockages in your nasal passages all night long.
  • The spray also acts as a lubricant for the mucous membrane and prevents your throat from getting dry and sore.
  • Because the spray shrinks the nostril lining and tightens the soft palate, there is more breathing space and less vibrating. And that ensures that not only you stop snoring but don’t wake up with dry throat.

To learn more about Asonor anti-Snoring Solution visit our website or click here to see our product assortment. Easy to use and effective, you’d be glad that you tried it. If you have questions or doubts that need quick answers, call us today. Our business representatives are available to help you.

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