We often laugh at people when they snore, especially when watching cartoons or movies where one of the character’s snoring is loud and obnoxious. However, in some cases, it’s no laughing matter. If you frequently snore, there’s a good possibility that your body is not getting the quality of sleep it needs and cannot fully perform the next day. Furthermore, snoring can lead a number of serious health issues such as heart disease and strokes.

What are the Causes of Snoring?

So what causes us to snore? It can be cause by several different factors such as alcohol, a deviated septum, obesity, sleep apnea, and smoking. But, at the root of the issue, your body is fighting an uphill battle to pull in oxygen because mouth and throat muscles and tissues become overly relaxed and begin vibrating. This causes that loud and obnoxious snoring sound that we often laughed at in the movies or on TV. Well, to say the least, snoring is certainly not a laughing matter but a harbinger of serious ailments. That is why nipping it in the bud becomes important.

What causes these muscles and tissues to relax? The muscles of the mouth and throat tend to relax more when a person sleeps on their back and in some cases is the only time a person snores. For the chronic snorer, sleeping on their back often complicates matters and makes their snoring worse. In addition to this, the base of the tongue and the soft palate typically collapse towards the back of the throat when a person sleeps on their back. The following will explain different sleeping positions that will improve your quality of sleep while preventing you from sleeping on your back and snoring.

One of the first rules of thumb where snoring is concerned is DON’T SLEEP ON YOUR BACK. If you’re a frequent snorer, this will cause your snoring to worsen and annoy your sleep partner even more. Whatever your go-to falling asleep position is, it should feel as natural as being left or right-handed feels. Just keep in mind that no two sleep positions produce the same results. Sleeping position is all based on the individual and what feels the most natural to them.

If you think sleeping on the side is difficult, try using a body pillow or a large pillow behind your back. That would budge you to remember not to lay flat on the bed.

Side-Sleeping – Left or Right?

While it may sound trivial to some, your sleeping position can have a significant impact on your overall health and well-being as well as how much you snore. Furthermore, one sleeping position might work better for you than another; it just depends on your age and body type. Side sleeping is, without a doubt, the overwhelming favorite when it comes to sleep position (74% of all Americans are side-sleepers). But how do you know whether you should sleep on your left side or your right?

While you might think it doesn’t matter whether you sleep on your left or right side, a number of health and medical professionals have researched the subject that sleeping on your left side or right side produces different benefits. That being said, these tips and suggestions shouldn’t replace medical care as it’s always best to discuss these issues with your doctor or healthcare professional.

So who should sleep on their left side and who should sleep on their right?
Individuals who are frequent snorers, have acid reflux, have digestive problems, or have hypertension (high blood pressure) as well as women who are pregnant should sleep on their left side while individuals with a heart conditions should sleep on their right. Here are the benefits of sleeping on your left or right side.

Benefits of Sleeping on Your Left Side:

Individuals who are frequent snorers – sleeping on your left side makes breathing easier by opening your airways

Individuals who have acid reflux – for optimum relief and results, sleeping on your left side will limit how much the esophagus is exposed to stomach acid

Individuals who have digestive problems – sleeping on your left side enables gravity to move waste from the small to the large intestine

Individuals who have hypertension (high blood pressure) – doctors believe that sleeping on your left side alleviates pressure and helps individuals who have hypertension issues

Women who are pregnant – obstetricians recommend sleeping on your left side during pregnancy because this helps the heart pump blood more efficiently while alleviating pressure on the liver

Benefits of Sleeping on Your Right Side:

Sleeping on one’s your left side may not be right for everyone. Case in point; research has shown that one group of individuals can benefit from sleeping on their right side rather than their left. A result from a study conducted in 2003 showed how sleeping on your right side is beneficial if you have a heart condition because it takes pressure of that vital organ.

The results of the study also indicated that sleeping on your right side also helps to stabilize your blood pressure as well as your heart rate. However, it’s important to point out that left side sleeping showed no sign of harming individuals with heart conditions. Most importantly, left side and right-side sleeping can be beneficial for individuals who have snoring issues.

Apart from sleeping on your side and changing your lifestyle habits, it helps to use Asonor’s clinically tested and FDA approved anti snoring sprays every night. It tightens the tissues in the throat and causes less vibrations when you breathe during the night.

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