If you are browsing through the website, chances are high that you snore or sleep with someone that snores. Not only it keeps you or your bed partner up but is detrimental to everyone’s health.

It happens to everybody at some point in their lives – the phenomenon characterized by harsh, throaty sounds as air flows over relaxed mouth, nose, and throat tissues and causes them to vibrate loudly and quickly.  It’s known as snoring and numerous ear, nose, and throat physicians throughout the world are all too familiar with it.  While some adults only snore occasionally, it’s a chronic problem for many others.  Most people snore of all ages snore when they are down with a cold that clogs up the breathing passages but it goes away when they recover from the flu or cold. For others, even on a normal day, they start snoring as soon as they sleep.

Snoring not only prevents you (and your partner) from getting a peaceful night’s rest, more serious health risks of snoring could develop down the road.

Complications and Effects of Snoring

Chronic or habitual snoring goes beyond being a nuisance to the person sleeping with you.  Aside from disrupting your sleep and theirs, it can cause a number of unpleasant complications including:

  • daytime drowsiness and fatigue
  • difficulty concentrating or paying attention
  • an elevated risk of heart problems, high blood pressure (hypertension), and stroke
  • frequent frustration and moodiness
  • an increased risk of involvement in a motor vehicle accident due to the lack of sleep
  • an increased risk of behavioral problems (e.g. aggression, learning disabilities, etc.) in children suffering with OSA

If you’ve noticed any of these issues, it may be time to speak with your doctor or your healthcare provider about the effects of snoring and the health risks of snoring.  Snoring may be associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a sleeping disorder characterized by breathing stoppages during sleep.  Some of the more common symptoms of snoring associated with OSA include:

  • breathing interruptions while sleeping (usually witnessed by your partner)
  • difficulty concentrating
  • excessive daytime fatigue or sleepiness
  • high blood pressure (hypertension)
  • nighttime chest pains
  • restless sleep
  • snoring so loudly that it hinders your partner’s ability to sleep
  • waking up with a sore throat
  • waking up with headaches

Furthermore, children with snoring issues have poor attention spans, behavioral issues, or poor school performance.  In cases of OSA, loud snoring followed by breathing stoppages is a common occurrence.  You may even be jolted awake by gasping sounds or loud snorts.  This breathing and non-breathing pattern may occur 5 times or more during every hour that you sleep.

What are the Health Risks of Snoring?

Aside from the above effects of snoring, there are numerous health risks of snoring that everyone should be aware of including the ones listed below:

Arrhythmias or irregular heart rhythms –

As one of the more dangerous side effects of snoring, arrhythmia occurs when your heart rhythm becomes too fast, irregular, or too slow.  However, this is a common condition and not always associated with snoring.

Breathing interruptions followed by choking and gasping

This is perhaps the most obvious, if not scariest side effects of chronic snoring due to sleep apnea.

Chronic headaches

If you wake up with headaches in the morning, this could be one of the side effects of chronic snoring. Lack of sleep and improper oxygen levels can lead to elevated blood pressure causing headaches.

Daytime drowsiness and the potential for injury

If you don’t get a restful night’s sleep, you’ll be tired the following day.  Not only does this adversely affect your health and performance on the job, it increases the risk of injury while driving or operating some types of machinery.

Disturbed sleep

OSA and chronic snoring keeps you from sleeping soundly.  What’s unfortunate is that the sufferer may not realize they’re doing this.


Gastro esophageal reflux disease can result from changes in air pressure that is associated with chronic, long-term snoring.  This may either cause or exacerbate the condition.  Weight loss is often recommended to help with this.

Heart disease

Snoring can also be a sign of heart problems.  One the health risks of snoring includes heart disease.  In fact, research has shown that individuals who suffer with chronic snoring and sleep apnea are two times more likely to develop heart disease or have heart attacks. Multiple clinical studies have shown a risk for coronary diseases and brain strokes.

Mental health or psychological issues

It’s important to understand that not all of the side effects of snoring are physical in nature.  The lack of sleep or disturbed sleep has been shown to increase the risk of developing depression or having anxiety attacks.

Problems with your partner

Research has shown that nearly 80% of women bruised their husbands when trying to get them to stop snoring.


Snoring, especially chronic, loud snoring has been associated with narrowed arteries in the neck, a condition known as carotid atherosclerosis.  This is one of the more extreme side effects.

No two individual’s bodies react to sleep apnea and snoring the same way.  No matter what side effects you’re experiencing, discussing the effects of snoring and the health risks of snoring with your doctor or healthcare provider is always recommended.  For snoring relief, Asonor Anti-snoring Solution can help alleviate the problem.  While this isn’t a cure for sleep apnea, it has been clinically proven effective at stopping snoring in 3 out of every 4 cases studied. You can reduce your snores at night by putting a few drops of our anti snoring nasal drops in each nostril. It helps to tighten the muscles and tissues in the nasal passages and reduces the snores as you can breath properly all through the night.

To learn more about this nasal spray solution for snoring e-mail your questions regarding our product to [email protected].

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